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Dyed Yarn and our wonderful Retailers

Did you know that Great Southern Yarn and its parent company Kirchelly Textiles supply our dyed yarn in all its amazing squishiness to retailers all over the world?

If you want to do more then just look at the prettiness online, if you want to squish, touch and smell the yarn, drop into our retailers below.

Grumpy Ginger Yarn Co.

145 Alison Rd

Wyong, NSW, 2259


PH: 02 9174 5749

Link to Grumpy Ginger Yarn Co

Salamanca Wool Shop

69 Salamanca Pl

Battery Point, TAS, 7004


PH: 03 6234 1711

Link to Salamanca Wool Shop

Vada Blue

Adelaide Hills, SA


PH: 0413 450 505

Link to Vada Blue